AskBug 3 is available for download

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Hello everyone,

AskBug beta version is available for download. Please follow below steps to download beta pack.

  1. Login and navigate to
  2. Select AskBug purchase history
  3. Download file

Please make sure to upgrade to AnsPress 4.0 before installing beta version. Feel free to get in touch with us.


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Hey Rahul, is Askbug compatible with PHP 7?

Excited about the update. I just bought Askbug and hope the final version will be ready soon.


Hi Rahul,
I d like to update Anspress and Askbug now.. but I can not see Askbug in my purchase history.
Could you please help?
Many thanks in advance!


Is it Coming out soon?


Profile page appears as the standard page for buddypress. How can I do it like this?


I updated to Anspress 4.0.0 and installed Askbug 3.0.0 beta.   The user profile icon in the top right of the nav bar and the notification icon do nothing when clicked, and I don’t see in WP appearance under menu how I can change this.  You can see in the image also how it doesn’t appear right and takes up a good bit of the header.  I also don’t see how users can update their profile information and picture.  I’m thinking about just going back to the older versions of Anspress and Askbug, but I do like how Anspress 4.0.0 allows comments to be shown by default.   How much sooner before Askbug is ready for the full update?  I only ask because this Q&A site will be very active and I need things working right before I go live.  I expect to have several thousand users in the first couple months.

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Kindly download beta 2 of AskBug, which I was released few hours ago

Thank you. Just downloaded and applied Beta 2 of Askbug, but the top right nav bar still displays the same, with links that do not work. No matter what I change in top right menu it seems it remains unchanged on the website. It won’t show the ask button or the properly displayed user profile links. The users can now upload their own profile pics now so that is fixed, but I don’t see where they can edit anything else on their about page.

I’m wondering if I am better off just using the old version of Anspress and Askbug for now, since the updated versions are all out of wack. Do you have an idea of when the full release of ASkbug 3.0 will be ready?

Sorry, for late replay. I was out of station. Please get in touch by email, I will check your site.

I have that same problem. Are you writing the solution?

Any news about this bug??

I have issues only when viewing the site as admin.. So it’s not a problem! 😉

This issue was due to not using latest version of AnsPress 4. Please get master branch from GitHub.


Is it still beta?


That’s a good news for us. Thanks Rahul I am waiting the stable version to impatiently.

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Hello, Working on some profile fields and then it will be ready to go live.

Will users be able to either turn off notifications or choose which ones to receive? This would be a great feature.


cannot find latest beta demo


I am trying to buy this its getting payment error can you help me on this?

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Are you from India? If so, you have to use UPI.


can i see demo for beta ?