AnsPress Update Annoucement

Hello everyone!  Today, we’re happy to share some exciting news about the future of AnsPress. Rahul Aryan, the original developer of AnsPress, is a team member of Zen Projects, and AnsPress has been a personal project of his for several years. He’s done an excellent job, but supporting a popular, feature-rich plugin like AnsPress can be difficult for a one-man team.  Zen Projects and Rahul have agreed to team up to bring substantial resources into the development of AnsPress and its related themes and extensions, and today, we’re releasing the initial fruits of this partnership, a substantial update to the core AnsPress plugin. This update brings a number of fixes to the plugin as well as bringing it up to date with the latest version of WordPress and addresses a number of reported issues from our users. The plugin has also been updated to make sure the AnsPress shortcodes are compatible with the block editor updates that have been released with the latest versions of WordPress.  This is just the beginning and we have several things coming your way in the near future!  The next version of AnsPress, which is already under development, will include full block support completely integrating AnsPress into the WordPress block editor.  A substantial update for the AskBug theme will be released soon, which will bring the theme completely up to date and address several issues that have been reported.  A new marketing site with updated documentation, a revamped support system, including ticket support and ways […]

AnsPress v5

Hello Everyone, We wanted to update you on the progress of our upcoming release of AnsPress v5. Although there hasn’t been a major release in the past two years, we have been diligently working on significant improvements. Here are some of the major upcoming changes: 1. Support for the Latest Version of WordPress: We’ve ensured compatibility with the newest WordPress version. 2. Block Editor Support: Integration with the block editor is now available, offering greater flexibility and ease of use. 3. Code Rewrite: The code has been rewritten to enhance efficiency, testing, and maintenance. We have also fixed numerous bugs and enhanced the user-friendliness of the plugin. The new block editor support allows seamless integration with compatible themes, while we have maintained support for the classic editor for those who prefer it. Importantly, no database changes have been made in this release, so updating should be smooth. However, we still recommend backing up your website before proceeding. Future versions will include significant database changes, so please be prepared for that. In this update, we have removed some underutilized features. The current template system has been completely replaced with a block-based system, providing more flexibility and control. Users of the old template system will need to recreate their templates using the new system, as maintaining both systems is impractical. Warning: If you prefer not to deal with these updates or have significant customizations in the old template system, you should avoid updating to the upcoming release. Additionally, we will soon release […]

AnsPress 4.4.3

**Full Changelog**:…4.4.3

AnsPress 4.4.2

## What’s Changed
* Unit tests fix by @rahularyan in
* Bump sass from 1.64.1 to 1.75.0 by @dependabot in
* Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.6.17 to 9.6.19 by @dependabot in
* Bump codeatcode/codeatcs from 1.0.32 to 1.0.33 by @dependabot in
* Bump yoast/phpunit-polyfills from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 by @dependabot in
* Bump php-parallel-lint/php-parallel-lint from 1.3.2 to 1.4.0 by @dependabot in
* Bump szepeviktor/phpstan-wordpress from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4 by @dependabot in
* Bump grunt-version from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 by @dependabot in
* Bump sass from 1.75.0 to 1.77.0 by @dependabot in

**Full Changelog**:…4.4.2

AnsPress 4.4.1

[fix] Allowing uploading other file types while posting

AskBug Update – Version 3.3.0

[Fix] Load more button position in User Profile Reputation page [Fix] User profile pages’ about link page does not display the question contents [Fix] Notification number not displayed in the header top right area under the user menu links [Fix] Site icon addition through Customize option does not remove the default favicon set via theme [Fix] Answer block Show button link under AskBug Intro section filter is not working [Fix] QUESTIONS links on footer sidebar area filter is not working [Fix] Footer middle left and Footer middle right string [Fix] Display Site Title and Tagline customize option effecting 404 error page description [Fix] Something went wrong, last action failed. message showing up when clicking on notifications icon [Fix] PHP Warning: Undefined array key number [Fix] Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined [Fix] No Masonry layout for the User Profile page about link page contents [Fix] PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null [Fix] PHP Warning: foreach() argument must be of type array|object, null given [Fix] PHP Deprecated message Required parameter $file follows optional parameter $type [Fix] Extra // in the menu items created with Import now! button [Fix] jQuery.fn.delegate(),, jQuery.fn.change(), and jQuery.fn.submit() is deprecated [Fix] Search form not automatically focused when clicked on the search toggle button [Fix] Password Reset String [Fix] User profile uploaded avatar image not updated until Dynamic Avatar addon is not enabled [Fix] (AskBug) Social Links widget social icons hover removes the display of icon added in sidebar area other […]

AnsPress 4.4.0

## What’s Changed
* [Fix] Tags addon – unsupported argument passed to count function by @Kudratullah in
* Update/composer npm packages by @rahularyan in
* Depreacted: ap_reponce_message by @rahularyan in
* Fixed #603 by @rahularyan in
* [Fix] Plugin Welcome Page Design by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP warning on (AnsPress) Ask form widget by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP warning on (AnsPress) Categories widget by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Welcome Page Questions Date only Displays in the Latest Question only for the same date by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Issue with RTL.css by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Double Multiple answers options in the User Access Control option section by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP warning on the menu edit page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Quick tags editor does not work when enabled for Answer editor? plugin option by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Extra > added after the title in New Answer page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] User registration is done even though WordPress Membership option is disabled by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Clear avatar cache does not have confirm option before deleting the Avatar cache by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Answer editor default placeholder image by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Features enable and disable reloads the page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP warning on (AnsPress) Search widget by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Options Page Closed Options Content Design by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP warning on Pages option save when page selected is Select an option by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] jQuery.trim and jQuery.isArray is deprecated by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Documents and FAQ AnsPress Welcome Page Link Target by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Welcome Page Answers Section Empty by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] jQuery.fn.change() event shorthand is deprecated by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Reputation link goes to 404 Error page if the User Profile feature is not enabled by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Features enabled active section not proper for some cases by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Subscribed/Unsubscribed to the Question Ajax message by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Select all menu items created via AnsPress plugin reloads the custom menu management page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Reputations options when saved does not notify the user that the options are updated in any way by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP Warning: Undefined array key image by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] User profile page Answers tab Load more answers button does not hide even though all answers provided by the user is already loaded by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP Undefined array key warning for AnsPress pages options after Permanently delete all AnsPress options is done by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Theme & Extensions Submenu Item Link Target by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Answer editor does not close by itself after answering the question if Quick Tags editor is enabled by @mebishalnapit in
* Revert “[Fix] Answer editor does not close by itself after answering the question if Quick Tags editor is enabled” by @rahularyan in
* [Fix] Fatal error: Uncaught Error: array_keys(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP warning message when using (AnsPress) Question Stats widget by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] When a Question or an Answer is flagged then, in AnsPress main menu item, double the number shows as total count number required attention by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Function name collision with Actions Pack Plugin by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP Warning: Undefined array key 0 by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Enqueue scripts has a unrequired double directory separators by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Show solved prefix plugin option not adding the [Solved] prefix before the question title by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Ask form category order plugin option not working by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] OP can answer? plugin option is working in opposite way by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Plugin activate on fresh WordPress install generates PHP error(warning) messages by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Post status updated successfully Ajax message on question and answer status changes by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Flagged question and answer Ajax message by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Question and Answer action links title by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Default plugin features(addons) activated automatically on plugin activation by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Answer editor does not close by itself after answering the question if Quick Tags editor is enabled by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Some of the allowed tags is not working on email notifications set via Email Templates options by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Notifications page Seen filter displays the Mark all as seen button by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Unrequired enqueue of custom JS files by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Post updated and bulk post updated messages by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Post status for Question and Answer post types not displaying in Question and Answer edit page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Warning: Attempt to read property post_author on null by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Improper description for Font icon class, if image not set category option by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP Deprecated message regarding BuddyPress addon by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Empty breadcrumb trail on the User Profile page for user name by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] jQuery error if Load assets in AnsPress page only? option is enabled by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Empty border on the activities page if there are no user activities found by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Questions Order by filter Solved filter option by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Max upload size plugin option can exceed the value to be set inside it more than max_upload_size php.ini settings by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Attempt to read property name on bool by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Syntax Highlighter addon is not working when Quick tags editor is enabled by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Notifications unseen filter shows the seen notifications by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Blank contents on AnsPress related pages if Block theme is used by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] TinyMCE editor fails to load when WordPress Jetpack CDN option “Speed up static file load times” is enabled by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Mark all as seen notification button click does not reset the notification counter number by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Insert image button on Question and Answer form always available by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.apParseParams is not a function by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Homepage questions pagination does not work directly if the home page is set to Your latest posts by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Hide the Admin Bar by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Single question page breadcrumb trail does not display the last trail item by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Breadcrumb trail link does not follow the link to the page set within plugin Pages options by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Marked as closed question activity always shown even when reverted back by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Marked as featured question question activity always shown even when reverted back by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Allow editing question slug in wp-admin by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Recheck AnsPress with Polylang by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] [BuddyPress Integration] Comments to answers not displayed in activity? by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “comment_ID” on int by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Uploading larger image size via Insert image button on Question and Answer editor never gets completed by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Deleting comment, question, and answer is done without notifying the user by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Ask a Question page and Activities page breadcrumb trail does not display the last trail item by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Single Tag Page Displays The Tag Filter by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Trashed Question Available On The New Answer Page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Categories page the category icon is not placed exactly in the center by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] All looks fine gets displayed even though there is a flagged and moderate answer available by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Links in the Require Attention section reloads the page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Social links on the settings page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] New Answer page is not responsive by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] When deleting a question, only the answers with publish status will get deleted by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] AnsPress options page is not responsive by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] PHP warning message when viewing the invalid comment via popup by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Code added via Insert Code could not be edited by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Option: prevent thrashing question if there are any answers by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Reputation events icon not displayed on the users’ reputation page by @mebishalnapit in
* [Fix] Up vote and Down vote title by @mebishalnapit in
* Add/unit tests by @rahularyan in
* [Fix] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘ownerDocument’) by @mebishalnapit in

## New Contributors
* @Kudratullah made their first contribution in

**Full Changelog**:…4.4.0

AnsPress 4.3.0

Today AnsPress version 4.3.0 was released and this update introduces a new top reputation leaderboard widget you can add to your AnsPress. This leaderboard will display the top most reputable contributors to your Q and A sections.

The widget comes with the following customizations:

  • Widget location
  • Number of users to display
  • Size of avatars to display
  • Size of grid to display users in

We hope you find this update exciting and useful as a way to drive more engagement on your website.  You can find this feature under Appearance > Widgets.

For more detailed changes, please see the github links below:

  • Updated node dependencies
  • Added leaderboard widget

Development Changelog:…4.3.0

AskBug 3.2.2

A small update for AskBug was released today, bringing it to version 3.2.2. This update contains the following two changes: Fixed: Schema compatibility to latest version of AnsPress Fixed: Auto updates should now work consistently If your version of AskBug fails the automatic update, please update it manually.

AnsPress 4.2.2

Today AnsPress version 4.2.2 was released, this is a small update to resolve an issue reported by one of our users: Fixed: Answers not appearing in user’s profile. Thank you for using and supporting AnsPress.