Auto select current category from single category while asking

Below snippet will append the current category in ask button. Add this snippet to your theme’s functions.php.

User profile page not loading or redirects to home page

Solution for fixing user profile page.

TinyMCE fails to load when using autoptimize plugin

How to fix broken ask page while using autoptimize.

How to add category to AnsPress question permalink

Snippet to show question category in question permalink.

Insert/import questions programmatically

Import questions from other plugins or files.

AnsPress form and validation API

Inbuilt form and validation API documentation.

How to add [solved] in AnsPress question’s title?

AnsPress does not add [solved] in question titles since 4.1.0 as AnsPress already posses valid microdata attributes. You can learn more about microdata here: Question schema. As question schema already have a property called suggestedAnswer which tells search engines that question already have a solved answer.  Below screenshot shows a question which already have solved answer in You can also see above results here: Question schema. But if you still have to show [solved] suffix in question title then simply add below hook to your theme’s functions.php.

How to make question description field optional?

Guide to make question description optional.

How to add a PDF upload field in AnsPress question form?

This post will show how to add PDF uploads field.

Why the AnsPress page does not show anything

General troubleshooting when AnsPress pages are blank