Update to AnsPress 4.1.0

Instructions for updating to AnsPress 4.1.0

How to update AnsPress from GitHub repository?

Sometimes we want to update AnsPress from GitHub repository. If you have SSH access to your server then you can easily update it using git pull or composer but things get crazier when your site is on shared hosting with limited access. Follow below steps to be able to update AnsPress from GitHub repository: Visit Github-Updater plugin repository and download zip. This is a legit plugin but its not available on wp.org due to their terms and conditions. Upload plugin and activate. And, that’s all. Now when we release a new version on GitHub then you will get notified and you can easily update as usual.  

How to upgrade from 3.x to 4.x using WP-Cli

We have added few WP_CLI command  in AnsPress 4.0.6. Previously many people have reported that they were unable to upgrade from AnsPress 3.x to AnsPress 4.x. This Issue was happening with site having over 1k questions. To resolve this issue we decided to add WP_CLI command. Give it a try by running: wp anspress upgrade We have tried this command on site having more then 40K questions. Command completed in approx 11 minutes without any issue. Even though its safe to use this command in live site but we will recommend a full backup.