Anspress page broken by add-ons since upgrade

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I recently upgraded anspress to the last version. However some add-ons seems not to be supported any more. Anspress page gives me the following error when loaded:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ap_list_filters_get_active() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\question-labels\question-labels.php on line 570

I think errors are the same when removing “question-labels” add-on, which I need, related to the other add-ons categories and tags filtering.

Will the add-ons get updated soon?

Thanks a lot




Categories and tags extensions are not required anymore as those are merged with AnsPress core. You can toggle them from wp-admin->AnsPress->options->addons.

As far as your concern about labels extension error, I will look into that and release a new version soon.


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