AskBug 3 is available for download

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Hello everyone,

AskBug beta version is available for download. Please follow below steps to download beta pack.

  1. Login and navigate to
  2. Select AskBug purchase history
  3. Download file

Please make sure to upgrade to AnsPress 4.0 before installing beta version. Feel free to get in touch with us.


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Hey Rahul, is Askbug compatible with PHP 7?

Excited about the update. I just bought Askbug and hope the final version will be ready soon.


That’s a good news for us. Thanks Rahul I am waiting the stable version to impatiently.

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Hello, Working on some profile fields and then it will be ready to go live.

Will users be able to either turn off notifications or choose which ones to receive? This would be a great feature.

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