Overriding and customizing AnsPress

AnsPress is very focused on “developer friendly”. Its internal structure allows developer to easily override anything they want. It have vast numbers of hooks to let developer customize internal functions. All documentations for hooks can be found here: Hooks. Everything inside templates folder can be easily overridden by following below steps.  Avoid directly editing AnsPress files in plugin directory because you’ll loose all change while updating. Override folder Create a folder called anspress inside your active theme. It can be child or parent theme. Now you can copy files you want to modify from wp-contents\plugins\anspress-question-answer\templates\. You must keep the same directory structure if you are modifying sub folder item. Like if you want to modify templates\css\overrides.css then in your override folder it should be anspress\css\overrides.css. Overriding CSS For adding or overriding AnsPress styles we suggest to use overrides.css. This file is initially left blank so you can add your own styles here.

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Installing AnsPress

This section describes how to install AnsPress and get it working. From plugin installer This is the most easiest way to install AnsPress to your WordPress site. Navigate to wp-admin->Plugins->Add new. Type AnsPress in search bar and wait for AnsPress card to show up. Click install and then activate and you are done. From FTP/SFTP Download latest version of AnsPress from: anspress-question-answer.zip Upload anspress-question-answer.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Place <?php do_action(‘plugin_name_hook’); ?> in your templates From WP-CLI Run this command from console: wp plugin install anspress-question-answer –activate Adding base page There must be a base page for AnsPress to work properly. You can learn more about AnsPress base page here: What is base page? AnsPress shows a notice in wp-admin if no base is set already. You can click link in notice to automatically create base page. If you need more help installing AnsPress, you can contact us by posting a support request at Support.