AskBug – WordPress theme released

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Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that our 2nd WordPress + AnsPress theme has been released. Read more about the theme here: AskBug.

Upcoming version:

We are working on major an major updates for AskBug theme which will also make it compatible with AnsPress 4.0.

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just read it

Thanks to you also. Let me know if version 1.1 solved your issue.

Rahul, looked through the demo site. It’s amazing !!! The site looks really crisp and clean and you’ve added a lot of features into it. Responsiveness is great too. There are some issues with the break points and how screen looks like at different resolutions. I will provide you with feedback on what might need some improvements to make it better. Thanks again for a great job !!

nice job

However, the benefits give only a 10!
I wish business is to flourish.

I’ve been trying to browse and find a changelog and a list of the changed files. Where could i find that ?

We need a showcase page on!!!!

Do you provide Just HTML template for this theme?

Hi Rahul

Your Theme looks great

1. Is that Theme meanwhile working with Anspress 4.1+?
2. Does this theme have a way to integrate paid questions – i.e. via paypal or credit card or both? either via plugin or woocommerce!
3. Does this Theme work on Multisite?
4. Can it hold multilingual questions and answers?
or can Multiple times – one per language – be setup on different branches/pages.

Kind regards

Hello it works fine, thanks!