How do you change the “Anspress” cover photo on profiles?

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I’m referring to the pick “Anspress” background image. I saw your response to someone else when they asked a similar question but your solution didn’t resonate with me. And that person did not respond so I’m not sure that it resonated with them either. I am not very tech savvy so please offer a very detailed response. This is the previous response I am referring to. Thank you and I appreciate your time.



Has this default cover upload feature been added to the current version of anspress?

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No. It will be available only with AskBug.

Ok great! I just bought askbug so im looking forward to this feature.


Hi you write that the upcoming version have a deafault cover upload ? Where can i find this ? 


What should image size for the Big Cover and the Small Cover?

  1. Create a new folder called “anspress” inside your active theme.
  2. again create another folder called “images” inside “anspress” folder you just created.
  3. Now download this two images Big default cover and Small default cover and place in “images” folder.

Now edit this images as per your need.

BTW: default cover upload will be added in upcoming version.