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I cannot display any tag or category forms. I’ve completed some troubleshooting my side, and categories.php is being called, but as soon as a category itself is selected, form categories-question-list.php does not fire. I cannot for the life of me think why. I am running the DWQA plugin also, which works absolutely fine (AnsPress and DWQA are very similar).

I do not think this is theme related because DWQA works fine – the theme vendor also informs me that they cannot see the reason as to why the form will not load, and have pushed this back on AnsPress. Seriously, I really want to use this plugin, but without categories and tags working properly, it isn’t going to be possible !

Surely, someone must have an idea as to why this is ? Switching themes resolves the problem, but having paid a premium for an extremely popular and well supported theme, I clearly do not want to go down this route. Am I the only one using the X-Pro theme ??

Thanks (for any help anyone can give !)



Did you check the back end ? Both DWQA and AnsPress are actually installed. However, don’t waste any more time on this. I’ve since switched themes – much against my better judgement and at the cost of a day’s development to myself as I still feel that AnsPress is something I really need to support what I am looking to create in terms of a community.

However, DWQA does have some benefits over AnsPress, but the two are very close. The main plus for AnsPress is that it’s free, whereas DWQA isn’t. Additionally, the 4.x release is actually the best release so far for AnsPress. Admittedly, there is a learning curve for users that are not Developers, and I do agree that the changes should have been voted for rather then implemented as this has caused an element of confusion and frustration in the community – I don’t agree with some of the remarks being posted particularly as this platform is free, and welcome the adoption of the WordPress templating system to make things more flexible from the development perspective.

However, I think a roadmap of some sort is beneficial.

Ps – my previous offer of being a moderator in the community still stands – as does my help to develop the plugin.

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I am very very (I add more if grammar does not come in my way :D) grateful to you for whatever you have done and doing for AnsPress. AnsPress is here because of people like you. Currently I am developing some really cool and exclusive features of AnsPress and I will share it will you once done.

Yes, you are right about community voting before adding and removing features. I will add that in December. As currently I am working on questions group as question category is not enough for this. Using AnsPress group functionality I will be able to add groups like:
– New feature request
– Bugs
– Deprecating features

I’ll be more then happy to add you as moderator but I have not added user roles in our site. Once I add those I will give you moderator permission. It will happen before christmas.

Thanks a lot.


Hello again,

Yes, I did logged in to your dev site but I did not found AnsPress instead there was another QA plugin. I thought you changed your mind, so did nothing.

Please let me  know after installing again, I will check.

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Rahul – no problems at all. Let me know when the roles are ready, and also if you’d like to use my DEV site for any testing for UM.

Sure thing. Thanks


Any updates Rahul ? I see you logged into the DEV site, but I’m not sure where we are at.


Got the same problem, the categories won’t display: https://goo.gl/LfXL08

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Hello Jeff,
Have you added [anspress] shortcode in all pages of AnsPress?

Can you give me access?



Thanks. Please do provide the legacy code. For information, the X-Pro theme is probably one of the most popular themes in the market, and they have pushed this back onto you with the following as a response

“The query they provided isn’t even related. They can’t force it to just include their preferred post type.

The issue here is the use of the template which they forgot to check. All taxonomy pages redirected to index.php and not page.php.”

As previously stated DWQA does not have this issue and works fine. Based on the theme creator’s response, is there a workaround ?

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Can you resend your dev site credentials?

I’ll get these details over to you shortly. Either via slack, or private message in this site.


Hello Matt,

If everything works after switching theme then this issue is related to your theme which I cannot solve. As I said last time your theme is overriding mysql query which is preventing question CPT. This must be fixed by theme developer.

But, I can provide an alternate code which was used by previous version of AnsPress.