Activity feed and syntax highlighter

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Hello Friends,

We are happy to announce that we have added activity feed in AnsPress. Activity feed shows all recent activities happening in site.

AnsPress activity feed

Also added a new addon for syntax highlighting. A live demo can be seen here: Syntax Highlighting. Full list of changelog can be seen on release note. Let us know your thoughts.



A huge thank Rahul for caring and listening to the community requests! 😀 Gonna try this new version as soon as I have a bit of time: can’t wait!

How to add SyntaxHighlighter?

it looks great.

But, it seems only a streaming, and I think it would be much better if it allow user to comment or discuss by Ajax on those streams.

Here is an example:

Alternatively, it would be also great if Anspress support to allow users to Favorite/forward/commen/vote or Compliments/ in question list page by Ajax function form.



I activated Syntax Highlighter add-on, but did not found where to setup, and here is screenshot:

I checked FQA, but did not found any document on it, Anything wrong?