Feedback for increasing social activity on your AnsPress site

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We are planning to implement some features for increasing activity on your AnsPress site. And I am very excited to implement this features. I am listing some of them, but I am willing to know everybody suggestion.

  1. Invite system (let user invite his friends by email, FB and Twitter. If a invited user joins the site then user who invited will earn defined reputation).
  2. Facebook timeline posting (post all users activities directly to user FB time line).
  3. Auto Tweet (Auto post users activities to twitter)
  4. Realtime notification (already scheduled for 2.3)

Let me know what you think.


These are superb. Just one question though, as mentioned by you earlier, Realtime notifications require node.js. Is there any way people like me, who don’t have node.js (or similar things), can use it too? Thanks.

No need of Nodejs. just get an API key from and that’s it 🙂

Thanks for your prompt reply. I will look into it 🙂

Rahul, thanks a lot for your efforts. But please be careful and keep Anspress light. More features can be as a selective item for users.
Thanks again…

of course it will be.. this features will be built separately as an extension.

Is this avaiable yet?? I just tried to get Jetpack to tweet new posts and nothing! can not get that to work and read it was suppose to….I have Anspress 2.4.4 this is latest, read something about 2.5??


Sounds good

you should make something like the twitter card too

User hover card coming in 2.3

  1. There should be an option to ask questions to specific other users like in Quora.
  2. Reputation should be awarded for coming back daily .

asking question to a specific user is already in our list.


All excellent features!

1. With the invite system would this work with BuddyPress also?

2. Would be great if there was a link back to the question on both Facebook and Twitter.

3. The auto tweet is great. Would this post to the user’s feed or the site’s Twitter feed (or both)?

its a tweet, so their follower can see that too.


Please do invite system! Need a way to help users invite their friends.

There are lots of plugin available for please use them until we release AnsPress invite system.

Do you have a recommendation? I looked yesterday but all the ones I found look like you have to be using BuddyPress.


I like the invite system. Was thinking to find a solution for this myself but if you’re including it I might just wait 🙂

The auto-posting is a good idea, but I would let them be able to shut it off if they want. Default ON should be fine, I think.

I hope we are able to customize the copy on all these! I assume you’ll make it so under Options > Social tab like you do with emails? That would be perfect 🙂


All is good. But I think people will not like that their activity posting in facebook wall. That’s why as a default make this feautre “off” if user want, they can “on” it.

Yes, user can toggle it.


All of these features should be optional, so each user can adapt anspress to its own needs