2.3-beta is here, try and let us know

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Download AnsPress 2.3-beta from github: 2.3-beta.zip.

Tasks completed:

[x] Add notification (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Notification helper function (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add notification to menu (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add notification dropdown (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Fixed breadcrumbs for user pages (15-06-15 11:41)

[x] The breadcrumb on the base page is duplicating (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] if recaptcha is enabled and keys missing then show warning (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] flush rewrite rule on activation (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] User dropdown menu item (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Dont show question stats widget if not question page (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] default cover (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] User hover card (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Added cover upload (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add subscribe page for user (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Sort Unanswered/Unsolved by date (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add reputation page for user (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Fix question sorting (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Members search page (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add users search form (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] question sorting to dropdown (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Improve user fields (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Followers widget (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add followers and following page (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add followers system (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add more sorting option for users directory (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Users page tab UI improvement (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Avatar upload ajax error (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] User page title (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Title conflict when wpseo plugin installed (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Remove base from permalink when ap_page is base (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Direct user link (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Auto flush rewrite rule when base page update (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] include current users post in list (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Show how to answer tab only if page selected (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Safe CSS attributes (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Ajax login on the same page without being redirected to another page for login & register. (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] conical and short link in head (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add Crayon Syntax Highlighter button (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add tinymce Autogrow (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] View counts updated for every page view (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Strip shortcode from Answer and question (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] While try to edit answer or question format get cleared (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Switch editors not working (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Image upload not working (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add featured question (sticky post) (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Improve subscribers system (15-06-15 11:41)

I have found a bug But I am not sure.

Please check the Image.


How can I download the Beta Version . I have download Above but it show the old version

Download master zip from github

I have downloaded but the code input button disappear http://www.exclutips.com/questions/ask/ Check here


tanx 🙂


Some issues for me also:

– (already reported) the title of questions is not displayed, only the basepage name still being there

– toggle fullscreen in answers do not work

From answerbox:

the notification area leads to:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in

C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\anspress-answerbox-9a378c08a54b\inc\ajax.php on line 27

I am updating AnswerBox today.


First test: Looking great as usual. I have however some troubles with elements like the graphics in Reputation or Votes section. Nothing is displayed and It is linked to a .js library of my theme. If I use jquery-1.5.0.js or a previous version however I get back the graphical elements but the other elements I needed the library for do not works anymore…

We are using default WP jquery which is 1.11.2 and everything works fine (not tried in chrome yet)

Chrome or Firefox gave similar results. I figured it out however by modifying some personal .js and then remove my jquery-….js importation. It seems that .click(), .addClass(, etc… fonctions are not included in WP default file and adding another version bring conflicts with anspress…

Those are core jquery functions. There must be something wrong … Post if there is any error in console.

First error: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).tooltipster is not a function

(anonymous function) @ ap.min.js?ver=
m.Callbacks.j @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.2:2
m.Callbacks.k.fireWith @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.2:2
m.extend.ready @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.2:2
J @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.2:2

and second: Uncaught TypeError: f.className.indexOf is not a function

g.observe.childList @ wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=4.2.2:4

Get latest master zip from github.

Dear Rahul, thanks a lot for being so reactive. I had some improvements in acceptation of jquery.js files however I still have the graphical issue with now the following:
Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).autogrow is not a function ap.min.js


I think, it would be better to make notifications open when click it, not hover. I mean making it similiar like facebook. Because hover will be uncomfortable for many of themes\menus, imagine you have to move mouse over a little box for make it stay open. For example if I move through red line it will disappear.

Ok, will be updated.


Anspress was already so great. I am eager to test the 2.3 version, however I still have many naive questions. I am actually using Answerbox. Will this theme be upgraded? Does an update of the previoulsly installed plugin affect the corresponding theme part?

Thanks for this great job

I just updated the AnswerBox theme (not pushed to server yet), But now we are using AnsPress profile instead of BuddyPress. As many people reported that BuddyPress + AnsPress make site slower, and asked me to remove buddypress dependencies.

Since AnswerBox installation I get used to BuddyPress. There are in fact some really interesting features for my purposes: groups management, group forums and I was making a child theme with both tools Anspress and Buddypress from Answerbox… What will I loose? Is there a way to keep Buddypress working fine in the new version?

Sorry my last comment was wrong, you can update to 2.3, it will work as usual.


Spelling error found in the sort dropdown. It says ‘sorty by’ and should be ‘sort by’

Already fixed it 🙂 commited to github.


Looks perfect 🙂 When all tasks will be completed?

Working as fast as I can :). Please help us by doing as much as testing you can.

Notifications don’t auto disappear when I click on notification. It would be better that they get marked as read when I click over them.

Already working on it.


Great job!!

Just some issues:

– It lists questions in the recicle bin, and when clicking on them, it shows an error 404 page.

– Is it posible to change Anspress image when showing users profile?

– Language file has to be modified to include all of the new things.

Thanks for testing and letting me know, will check and fix it.

– yes trashed post are also shown in list for admin, so that it can be easily deleted, I will fix error 404.
– Yes you can override cover image, simply override images folder
– Use poedit.net tool to update your existing translation to new one.

more things:
I have the Simple Share Button plugin and with prior version tweets were with the title of the questions. Now, when i tweet a question, it only shows name of basepage instead of question name.

This issue has been reported by other members too, I will fix it today.