Anspress causes error with wp-filebase

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Dear developer,

First of all, I really like anspress. And with the latest updates and additions is has become very powerful!

I did however notice an issue with anspress catagories: On my site I have both anspress and wp-filebase running. Today I noticed that when I press the shortcode generator icon in my editor the following fatal error. In turn this disables the easy generation of the wpfilebase tags and finding the file id’s. Perhaps its a minor thing?

Kind regards,


    [type] => 1
    [message] => Call to undefined function ap_register_option_group()
    [file] => /xxx/xxx/xxxxx/
    [line] => 239

Its look like your category extension is older, you can see there is no such option called at that line (but after few lines):


Please update category extension and it will solve your issue.


Thanks for the fast answer.. I already used 1.3.5. still removed and reinstalled the plugin. This still gives me the same error.
Anyway, when I just deactivate the categories plugin, an other error pop-up with file base, seems that there is something wrong with their plugin I guess.

Kind regards

Its look like the orgin of the error is AnsPress category extension, can I know what version of AnsPress you are using ?

It is the latest version
and 1.3.5 for categories
1.0.1 for email
(not using tags)

I am sending you an email.