2.3-beta is here, try and let us know

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Download AnsPress 2.3-beta from github: 2.3-beta.zip.

Tasks completed:

[x] Add notification (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Notification helper function (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add notification to menu (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add notification dropdown (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Fixed breadcrumbs for user pages (15-06-15 11:41)

[x] The breadcrumb on the base page is duplicating (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] if recaptcha is enabled and keys missing then show warning (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] flush rewrite rule on activation (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] User dropdown menu item (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Dont show question stats widget if not question page (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] default cover (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] User hover card (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Added cover upload (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add subscribe page for user (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Sort Unanswered/Unsolved by date (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add reputation page for user (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Fix question sorting (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Members search page (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add users search form (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] question sorting to dropdown (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Improve user fields (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Followers widget (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add followers and following page (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add followers system (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add more sorting option for users directory (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Users page tab UI improvement (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Avatar upload ajax error (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] User page title (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Title conflict when wpseo plugin installed (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Remove base from permalink when ap_page is base (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Direct user link (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Auto flush rewrite rule when base page update (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] include current users post in list (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Show how to answer tab only if page selected (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Safe CSS attributes (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Ajax login on the same page without being redirected to another page for login & register. (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] conical and short link in head (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add Crayon Syntax Highlighter button (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add tinymce Autogrow (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] View counts updated for every page view (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Strip shortcode from Answer and question (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] While try to edit answer or question format get cleared (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Switch editors not working (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Image upload not working (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Add featured question (sticky post) (15-06-15 11:41)
[x] Improve subscribers system (15-06-15 11:41)

Great job!!

Just some issues:

– It lists questions in the recicle bin, and when clicking on them, it shows an error 404 page.

– Is it posible to change Anspress image when showing users profile?

– Language file has to be modified to include all of the new things.

Thanks for testing and letting me know, will check and fix it.

– yes trashed post are also shown in list for admin, so that it can be easily deleted, I will fix error 404.
– Yes you can override cover image, simply override images folder
– Use poedit.net tool to update your existing translation to new one.

more things:
I have the Simple Share Button plugin and with prior version tweets were with the title of the questions. Now, when i tweet a question, it only shows name of basepage instead of question name.

This issue has been reported by other members too, I will fix it today.

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