[WIP] Any French speaking user around ?

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Hi all !

I’m working on a French translation of AnsPress (about 70% done) and I would like some opinions and advices. Any person with some French skills (native or not) are welcome to give their opinion. 😀 Here is a first set of questions:
Flag / Report: I first translated “Flag” to “Signaler” (it’s mainly used as a verb) but “Report” is also used in Asnpress. Should I just use “Signaler” for everything? Any other idea for “Flag”?
Slug: any idea how to translate that in French?? If I use “permalien” (permalink in English), it gets confusing for the user.
Follow/Following/Follower: should I just go for the Twitter version “Abonnés”/”Abonnements” ? It doesn’t feel quite right though… any suggestions?

That’s it for now! Thanks in advance!

Have you managed to make a good french file ?


Parfois le traducteur français a préféré écrire des phrase entières avec des liens comme quand on doit se connecter pour poster. Là, pas de soucis.

Mais parfois il y a une variable du type “%d Questions” et la traduction devient “Toutes les questions” ou un truc du genre. C’est assez souvent.

Il y a aussi des erreurs de frappes quand le gars tape trop vite une traduction sans vérifier.

Sinon globalement c’est assez propre ! 🙂

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