How to display questions from certain category?

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I understand I can go to the category page:

But, how can I insert the questions from a given category onto another page template I am building? Also I would like to be able to submit a question at the bottom of this page and have it automatically submit to that category if possible without modification…



Hi void33!

If I may add, you should definitely look into the solution Rahul just talked about. I had the same question as you before but, in the end, the AnsPress Post Discussion Widget is a pretty solid alternative if you insert it in your template. With this widget, any questions asked that way becomes a child of the page/post it has been created into.

Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions related to that particular point : I’m already using this solution and will be glad to help if I can. 😀

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Great, I’ll give that a shot, thanks Fred!

That works, but it would be nice to have an “Add Question” quick form right below all of the questions.

Also I would like to programmatically show a discussion depending on a querystring in the URL rather than just being based on the page name- I can program that all myself as long as there is a way to load a discussion based on some sort of ID. It sounds like the new feature Rahul is working on will provide for this. (Correct me if I am mistaken).

That would definitely gives more flexibility. 😀

yes, I am making a class by using that class you can get questions and answer like WP_Query.

Great! Thanks Rahul, I am going to push my organization to see if we can get some donations together for you, you have been very helpful to us!

I am obviously in no position to start making demands haha, =P- but I am just curious as to when we can expect the new class to be integrated?

Why is this widget not available anymore?


Already working on this feature. Currently you can show post questions (like comments) using AnsPress widget.