What is the shortcode to output a specific question?

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I read shortcode document: https://anspress.io/resources/faq/which-shortcodes-are-available-in-anspress/

For example, the question id is 18540, and I tried several ways to output an specific question:

[anspress id=”18540″]

[anspress id=18540]

[anspress 18540]

[anspress “18540”]

Those shortcode seems all work, but no one exactly output the question of ID 18540, they all out put full list of questions.

So, what is right way or format of using shortcode for this purpose please? thanks.



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This is not working for me [question=”23″] where 23 is my postid. 🙁

Of course this must be due to some kind of conflict with other content.
Console says:

where the short code content should appear. Any thoughts?


Try using [question] instead of [anspress]

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