Anspress Tags filter not working on home page

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When I try to filter based on tags, it works on the questions and other sub pages. But it doesn’t work on the home page.

Basically :[]=38&order_by=newest works

But:[]=38&order_by=newest doesn’t work.


I’m using Anspress 4.0.5 and Askbug 3.0.9

Please share link to your site.

Hi Rahul, At the moment we are building the site in our local machine. It is not hosted anywhere yet. Are you able to reproduce the issue at your end? Thanks, Lisa

It was solved in 4.0.6. Please install latest version from here:

Hi Rahul, I am facing the same issue at my side. I tried updating to the above version but the problem is still persisting. Can you please help?


Hello Lisa,

Sorry for delay. But here is the fix:

Download from here and copy all files to plugins/anspress-question-answer