Profile page + Reputation page lead to Nothing Found/404

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Even though I have all necessary pages, whenever I click on someone’s profile I am redirected to a Nothing Found page. It might have to do with the fact that by default the permalinks become author/the-name-of-the-author instead of users/the-name-of-the-user. Any thoughts?
If I try to access someone’s reputation page instead I am sent to a 404 error page, see screenshot

What can be wrong?

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Have you tried saving the permalinks?

Yes I saved them, I even changed them to see if this does not fix the problem, but when I changed them even the users page started showing 404 so I guess it did not work out. 🙁

I hope you did not forgot to create users page and set that page in AnsPress options? Please confirm

Hey, no I have users page, it works correctly – it stops working only in some cases where I change the permalinks. I will post my pages in a separate comment


You have not enabled the user profile addon in AnsPress. I enabled it.

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Wow, super easy! Thank you so much for the great support Rahul. The theme is really good so is the plugin, no regrets I bought it so far.


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