Non-logged in users are not allowed to read questions

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A few hours ago updated to the latest of anspress and updated the askbug to the latest too.

The problem I am facing right now is –

Whenever I try to read any question, this error is displayed – “Sorry! you are not allowed to read this question.” While the question is visible if user is logged in.

I tried to check if there is any user-role properties in Options, but there is no such settings.

So, How to enable reading questions for non-logged in users?


Additional Request – As you can see in the screenshot, footer for mobile screen requires some modifications.




Same issue here! Also just updated to the latest master version from GitHub.


Fixed it. Please update.

Updated on 9:12 AM IST. Now questions can be viewed by Non-logged in users. But now answers are not visible. I tried checking (and unchecking) related Permissions from Options, but as of now only Questions and Comments permissions are working. Not the Answer permission,
Also, the question, answer, user counter is gone, even on laptop. How to get it back?

Please try now.

I retested it. Non-logged in users can now read everything.
However it seems these permissions are “work in progress”, as now the answer permission is broken, non-logged in users view the answers even if “Only logged in can see answers” is checked.

This is fixed too.