Password reset email

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I use the Anspress User Profile Form in Frontend. When user reset is password from the Frontend Form, the email sent to the user is not the default email generated by WordPress (not the same when I reset the password on Backend profile form).

Could I use the default email template with Anspress User Profile Form ?
Else, is there a simple way to change the email template on password reset ?

Thank you!

Any idea ?


AnsPress do not send any email on password reset or registration. This is happening due to some other plugin.

Ok I found the bug. Line 770 of include/process-form.php.
if ( $field[‘name’] == ‘user_email’ ) {
wp_new_user_notification( $user_id, null, ‘both’ )
It send the emai even if the email adress was not changed.

oh I see. I will fix it.