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hi, do you know a math editor or plugin to work well without problems with anspress?
i want to create equation and mathematical formulas into questions and answers.

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Hello, I’m using this plugin
But, you should do some customization because that plugin didn’t work well in my site.

  1. download that plugin ( no install yet ! )
  2. go to this site and download the MathType for TinyMCE – PHP file
  3. open Equation Editor plugin folder and delete tiny_mce_wiris folder
  4. zip out the php-tiny_mce_wiris- downloaded by Wiris Site
  5. and move the tiny_mce_wiris to equation-editor folder !
  6. install to your wordpress web site the equation-editor plugin

This is description of replacement from old version tiny_mce_wiris to new version tiny_mce_wiris !
You should add this to your theme.

<script src='' async></script>

Because that plugin didn’t draw math tags well.
Good Luck !

add_filter( ‘ap_pre_editor_settings’, ‘rpf5573_add_equation_toolbar_buttons’ );
function rpf5573_add_equation_toolbar_buttons( $settings ) {
  if ( isset( $settings[‘tinymce’] ) && isset( $settings[‘tinymce’][‘toolbar1’] ) ) {
    $settings[‘tinymce’][‘toolbar1’] .= ‘,tiny_mce_wiris_formulaEditor, tiny_mce_wiris_formulaEditorChemistry’;
  return $settings;

But! this code may dont work if the Equation Editor Plugin’s author change these ‘tiny_mce_wiris_formulaEditor’, ‘tiny_mce_wiris_formulaEditorChemistry’ words. So, If something don’t work about this plugin after upgrade the plugin, check if these words changed or not.

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after this customization (as you describe above) is it work well or not?

Of course. It works well !
But, If you worry about that, I recommend you to backup all your site and DB before follow my process.

I edited my question

Thank you for sharing.

everything is working fine but only on the dashboard’s editor. When i try to use this plugin on Question or Answer post at front-end there is no f(x) or other button to add equation.
Do you have the same problem?

there is an UPDATE to the main answer…… i don’t know what to do with this code that added….can you help me?

Umm,, sorry it may difficult to help you directly !
But, I will try to make plugin about this.
And I if success to make it, I will add a comment here again.

I have been struggling to get this working. Can anyone throw some light?

Alternatively you can mail me @:- [email protected]

I am using mathjex plugin for adding maths equation it is working fine with anspress..

I’ve tried your solution and it works for inserting math equation (MathType) and insert chemistry formula (ChemType), but there is no “fx” button for Equation Editor. How can we add the fx button for the formula editor? Thank you.