Wait, I don’t have permission to ask a question? But I’m the Admin 😉 Wassup with that?

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Wait, what? Even as the Admin, I don’t have permission to ask a question?
uhm…….no wait. I can ask a question.  Just after I read the part about “I don’t have permission to ask a question” 😉 wait, whaaaaat?
Backend Settings:
Anyone logged in should be able to post a question, right.  And they can.  So why is that alert still showing up?
Even the role capabilities (especially for the Admin) are set correctly, right?

Ok, I’m the idiot who actually searches the questions & tries to read as many docs as possible.  Surely it’s right under my nose and I’m missing it.  So, what in the world am I missing?

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Look like you are trying to show ask form in some other page. Are you using shortcode or PHP?

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Please comment all codes inside the function ap_user_can_ask() and then comment out each conditions one by one. Dirty way but quicker way to find.

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