Is there a way to display category filter as a list as opposed to a drop down?

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Thank you so much for creating this plugin. I just launched (super Beta) a yoga question and answer site and basically this is the backbone of the site so wanted to say keep up the good work and you are appreciated. I’ll add a link to your site when I get a bit further and have a credits/about page.

I haven’t been able out figure out if or how I can change the current category drop down in the filters to be a unordered list (or just inputs not in a dropdown) to be able to quickly see what categories there are to choose from since I will only have 5-10 total. I am not great with filters and don’t know if it is an option, or if I will have to override the whole function somehow. It would be a nice enhancement for my site, but I am not sure if it is easily doable.

On a side note, I have re-written a lot of the css/scss for my theme. I’ve been debating submitting a pull request for some of it, but thought against it since sometimes it is just a matter of style. There are many colors used instead of variables and this alone could help make it dryer. Not sure if that is something you’d be interested in or if things are a certain way for a reason.