Buddypress Integration Help Needed – This is public, not for Rahul

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I need someone who has been able to work well with Buddypress integration with Askbug.

I do not know how to go about this, but I know it would be very useful to get it functioning. Please contact me through the comment section if you can help out with suggestions and directions on how to go about it.

Thank you



Thanks guys,

My platform is located at https://www.experts.ng/

I believe this might take some effort,but the under-listed are the tasks I hope to put on my platform now and get it perfect.

  1. A registration page that allows both normal users and experts to signup, and gives the experts the option to signup based on defined roles
  2. Get the right structure – A URL structure that displays normal users and experts separately, e.g – https://www.experts.ng/users/kelvin and https://www.experts.ng/finance-experts/jude
  3. A better looking buddypress template that allows experts and users have the ability to post straight to the blog page
  4. Currently, the profile link on the right menu leads to a 404 page. That happens once I have the Anspress user-profile addon enabled. I would be better off if that can work and lead users straight to their buddypress profile.

My Skype id is akinyemifemi and email address is [email protected]

Thanks guys.

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Hello FLQ and itom,

Any word for me yet?



Hi Olufemi!
I added a long comment before but something went wrong and it got deleted… T_T Basically, what you want to do is not specifically related to AnsPress nor BuddyPress.
1. 2. This is a really common request and I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials on the web. You can maybe start to look at those 2 plugins: Theme My Login (for your registration page) and Members (for users roles).
3. In this one, you are asking 2 things.
3a. “A better looking template”: this doesn’t really mean anything, you have to be more specific on what for you is “good looking”. But anyway, designing website is a full time job. Here we can help you on some CSS and hints but not more (at least for me 😉 ).
3b. “Ability to post straight to blog” : again, this has nothing to do with BuddyPress or AnsPress. You need to find a plugin that allows “frontend publishing”. 😉
4. Last time I checked, you had many 404 errors. Flush your permalinks y going to Settings > Permalinks (and optionally save without making any change) to see if that solves the problem.

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