[solved] Problem with Google headers

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4.1.1 title solved problem

The code you have given is of no use. It is very important for SEO as opposed to your assumptions. I suffer from loss of users since the registered pages on Google have changed.
I constantly lose users.
I continue to lose users since it does not send “solved” message. The “solved” message attracts the attention of users.
The site headline must include “solved” message as in the past!
Otherwise, the new add-on is of no use!

Why did you arbitrarily remove this feature which is actively available among options? I expect you to find a clear solution to this problem!

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thanks for not helping anspress team…


@neoxi – please remember that this is a community plugin written for free, with only a small handful of developers. I don’t think blaming AnsPress for removing a feature you insist is important for SEO is necessary, nor is the statement around expecting the developers to find a clear solution to this problem.

Have you reviewed this ?- https://anspress.io/resources/faq/how-to-add-solved-in-anspress-questions-title/ – it may or may not be what you are looking for.

Granted, the developers should ideally have had a poll around which changes should make it into the final release, and what shouldn’t – that discussion has been had, and will be addressed in the future.

“I constantly lose users” is not the fault of AnsPress in my view, and it’s unfair that you appear to have an expectation of a community based plugin offering a “paid for” support agreement when the plugin is completely free.

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I known a free platform. The problem is only removing this feature without asking.The given code is useless.the all site is not working properly.

thanks for not helping anspress team…