Issues with site

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Hi Rahul,

There are some issues with the AnsPress.Io site, which I’ll outline below

1. When logging in from a mobile device, the login window is transparent and difficult to see. If you scroll down the page with the login widget active, it disappears making login difficult

2. Despite being logged in, I cannot post a comment on the first attempt. I get the message”Cheating, are we ?”. I have to reload the page then it’ll let me add my comment. Similarly, attempting to ask a new question yields the same result. Looks like an issue with the login session.

3. Pressing the hamburger in most cases on page load and after posting does nothing. You have to reload the page to get this to work.

Just FYI.



Hello Mark,

Thanks for reporting. I will fix mobile device issue.

All login related issue have gone now. It was happening due to redis cache.