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Yes, I need to dig through the code, & perhaps this is a customization, but let’s see:
Initially, a person would be on this page for example:  So, that would be accomplished via this shortcode, right? [anspress categories=”fix-woocommerce-speed”]
[anspress categories=”paypal-payments”]
[anspress categories=”stripe-payments”]
Do those shortcodes look correct?
Then here’s the next behavior after they actually arrive on any of those (category) pages, they would click the ‘Ask Question’ button. (just like here)
So, should/could the ‘Ask A Question’ form have the ‘Category’ selector actually removed entirely

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This is very simple.
First have a look at this line of code: categories.php#L420 and here you can see style attribute to simply hide the category field:

$form['fields']['category']['attr'] = array(
    'style' => 'display:none',

That will do what you want.

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