Cant find where to edit or change a section of website

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So I have had this website built for me and the company has gone missing in action now, I have sorted out how to add and change everyting on the whole thing except for this bottom section which shows up on every page the same I thought would of been in the footer but isnt. When I go to pages and the divi builder I can go through all the modules and see the section above which I can change but under that is nothing on all the pages which the last call to action is the dark section above you can see but nothing under there on any page to edit the info on this bottom section. So confused have been through every button and section.  I have added pic of it on the didv as well and is the same no matter which of the 8 pages I use nothing is there to change but is on every page exactly the same.  Is like is a background set page to the whole site but I cant find it there either..  Any suggestions…. plesase

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website is if you need to look to know what talking about. When we moved address the company the did website said they had to do something different to change it on here from how it was set up so not sure if thats got anything to do with it.