WordPress Multi-language (WPML) and Anspress

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Is it possible to use Anspress on a multi-language website in combination with WPML?
We would like that only English questions are visibile on the English website, German questions on the German websites, etc.
Is this possible?

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Hi, I realize this is an old threat but while trying to switch to Anspress, I’m having the same issue. Has anyone been able to run Anspress on a multi-domain WPML setup?


Yes, it is possible to use AnsPress on a multi-language website in combination with WPML. WPML is a popular WordPress plugin for managing multilingual content, and it is compatible with many other WordPress plugins, including AnsPress.
To set up language filtering for AnsPress, you will need to create a custom filter for the AnsPress questions. This can be done using the WPML String Translation plugin, which allows you to translate and filter strings in WordPress plugins. I did it with Greenville towing company website.

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