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Hi everybody!

I’m trying to setup a plugin to write math equations with TinyMCE. I achieved to install it on wordpress (So i can use it to create posts and pages succesfully). The problem is these changes don´t affect anspress editor.

I know anspress uses the same editor as wordpress do, but i suppose there is another config file to be modified to register the plugin and add the button to the editor.

Somebody has tried to install plugins on the anspress editor?. Please help…

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Rahul Aryan HELP ME ! urgent !

Hello help me ! It is urgent !

hi, Have you got interesting news yourself ?


Hi, I received an email from support wiris

commented on answer

I will install and try this plugin.

Hi, Thanks,Have you got interesting news

Bit busy with few other things. Your task is already in my list.

OK 🙂

hi, Have you got interesting news yourself ?

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