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Hello, i’m trying to setup email notifications for users and admins such as a forum. But currently i cannot find any options about.

There are only some settings to send email to a specific address but it’s not what i need.

Every user should be able to manually/automatic subscribe to specific questions and be notified.

Is there any solution?

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I’ve solved my issue

In my case it’s because i’m using wp-mail-smtp as mail service and it seems that doesn’t work with wp-json since in this kind of ajax calls plugins are deactivated.

So i’ve create a mu-plugin with this line inside:

require_once WP_PLUGIN_DIR . “/wp-mail-smtp/wp_mail_smtp.php”; // force mail plugin load


in this way i force wp-mail-smtp to be loaded as a “must used” plugin and now it works.

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Thansk for letting me know. But if a plugin is preventing default WP function that it must be a bug, please let plugin author know about it.



That same email setting is used to notify other users. Any registered user can subscribe to a question for notification.

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I’ve all email options enabled but even if subscribed, no one receives email. My wordpress email system works ( i ve wp-mail because i use a google smtp) and registration email are correctly sent and recived. But nothing email from anspress plugin instead. What i’ve to check?

Please install mail logging plugin and check if mail are being fire or not.