What is reputation? Widget

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I have the askbug theme installed at trader.help.

How do I change the text for “What is reputation?” widget to something different?

And how do I link out?

Thank You



That is just a text widget. You can easily adjust HTML of that page and and link to a page which contain this: https://anspress.io/questions/question/a-sample-description-of-how-a-voting-and-reputation-system-works/

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Hi Rahul,

There is no text widget that allows a modification. I went to Appearance, Widgets, and no widgets exits

I would simply like to change the text and add a link.

Can you please direct me to the exact location, where I can edit this box?

Hello super ply you can find it on front-page.php line 25. as it is a fallback widget for home-sidebar. You can add a text widget to home-sidebar with this html:

What is reputation?
Learn more about our reputation system and how to earn them.
Learn more

Let me know if you need further assistance.

How do I find, ” front-page.php line 25″ ?

Why not just do this correctly and fix the theme so that future purchasers can easily edit? This should be built easier to edit.

So how do I find this “front-page.php line 25” ?