Feature Request: Tag user for Answer

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I am requesting a feature on your next upgrade.

It would be wonderful to be able to tag a friend or have the system pull out a list of possible users that may be able to give answer to questions asked, just as it it done on Quora.

Anspress can infact start her own identifier like the hash tag or  we could use the @ sign to reference a user.

Let me know what you feel Rahul.




Hello Guys,

As OneSinal integration is being added to AnsPress, so we can think about your feature request.

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Awesome! Will this make the next update?


I agree – I think it would certainly create higher engagement if you had the ability to mention others using @user for example – that user should also get a notification too.


Dear Rahul.

I made this request sometime back, and I believe a lot of people would agree to want it if we throw it to a vote.

Please add the feature to let us tag users on our questions, that will greatly help. Please consider this.

Thank you





I like your site. I have a question. How did you change the “What is reputation” box? I cannot figure it out.

I noticed that on your site, you changed the text. But I am completely confused on how to do it.

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