Using “Search” for searching all questions displaying all results?

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When a website visitor is using “Search” for searching all questions, rather than displaying the results from their specific search the content below is just the list of all results.

Also, I see that Ans 4.1.5 is out, but WP repository doesn’t show that it isn’t available?

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I have the same issue:
Default theme search string overwrites anspress search. I am using “smart mag” theme and the search string looks like one below, which is identical to anspress search string.
this might not be an isolated case, as Michael as highlighted this issue.
@Rahul, do you think it’s possible to make anspress search string different from the default one that themes use?
I consider buying the askbug theme as well but if I can’t use the search, i can’t move forward.

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Okay. Let me think, what can I do here. I will add it to our current roadmap. Thanks for reporting.

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