There’s no email templates [4.1.0]

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After the last update, I lost my email templates. All email bodies are empty now. I have to write them again but I’m not sure about {asker}, {answerer}, {answer_link} etc.

Where can I find those shortcodes?



I pushed a fix for this. Please check.

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Hi! Sorry, I didn’t get a notification for your answer: gonna try the fix. Thanks a lot… again!

I didn’t realize your answer was from November 7th. The issue for templates is still there: I’m unable to save them… T_T

Hello Fred,
I found the cause of this issue. @Rahul will push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks @Kumar! Gonna disable email notifications until then. 😉

Or you can simply go to PhpMyAdmin and search post with type: anspress_email and delete all of them.

Thanks for the tip but it appears that I don’t have any post type “anspress_email”…

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