The opposite of [ansPress] short code for individual POSTS – Assistance Request

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Obviously [anspress] shortcode provides all questions onto a Post.

I would like for anspress to offer an individual Q&A box for each Post I create.

(Example:  Viewers want to ask a question about that one specific product on that Post.  Only answers pertaining to that product shows on that post as well)

I don’t want to have my questions shown globally.  I’ve attempted to use Categories Shortcodes and Tags within the Post, but this is not necessarily what we’re desiring.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!  (We are not developers, so any layman’s terms would help best)



What is the “PRO” version ? Is this a paid-for version of AnsPress ?


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AnsPress Pro is a paid plugin which will contain lots of premium addons for AnsPress.

How much does it cost, and where do I get it ?

Not released yet. Scheduled for next month.


Hello Jimmy,

Its called “post discussion”. I already added this functionality to our PRO version. You can wait for its official release or get in touch by email for early access.