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Since an update end of 2021, the tags page doesn’t display. I get an error “There has been a critical error on this website.” and a very strange styled page.
I have tried disabling all other plugins and changed theme but still get the same result so can’t see any potential conflicts in my stack. Is anyone else experiencing this?

A Tags page is a very powerful element for searching the Q/As

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Hi, I faced the same problem. The only way to solve it is to change ‘count’ to ‘intval’ in anspress\addons\tags\tags.php line 150. Should be:

$ap_max_num_pages   = ceil( intval( $tags_rows_found ) / $per_page );

Wish I could fix this via filter, but $tag_args[‘fields’] = ‘count’; is hardcoded several lines above, so I can see no ‘nice’ way to fix it from my theme’s functions.php.
Hope this will be fixed in next release.

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