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We are developing badge extension for AnsPress which may release in 30th of October. We would like your suggestion and ideas for default badge names and when it should awarded.

Some existing badges:

– Autobiographer : Completed profile
– Commentator : 10 Comments
– Supporter: First up vote
– Nice Answer: Answer score of 10 or more
– Good Answer: Answer score of 25 or more
– Great Answer: Answer score of 100 or more

One answer will be selected as best and user will get lifetime license of badge extension.
We will always be grateful for all that you have done to help us.

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All badge should be translatable and we should be able to decide which one to use and hide the others. It will be even nicer to be able to create a custom one with our own images.
This is a great idea…

where can i get the badges add on ?


Hi Rahul!

Can’t wait to see the badges back: you guys are working around the clock!

I don’t want to add any extra work or to interfere with current development but I’m already using a badge system for other activities on my site and it would be great to have the same system for everything. It’s called BadgeOS and it’s opensource I believe. You can create your own badges with the name you want and lots of other possibilities like the ones @Dima asked. Plus, it’s compatible with Mozilla Open Badges !

I’m no programmer but I believe it’s just a matter of creating an add-on that basically add Anspress hooks to BadgeOS.

This is not only a personal request. BadgeOS is used by quite a few educational websites (I’m an educator) and releasing as Anspress add-on would attract attention to your project. A question & answer system is much better than a regular forum when it comes to education and I’m sure Anspress would benefit from it. 😀

Thanks for your suggestions. We will add badgeos compatibility to our badge extension.

That’s great news! 😀

+1 for this.. Great to hear it will be added to BadgeOS!

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