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We are developing badge extension for AnsPress which may release in 30th of October. We would like your suggestion and ideas for default badge names and when it should awarded.

Some existing badges:

– Autobiographer : Completed profile
– Commentator : 10 Comments
– Supporter: First up vote
– Nice Answer: Answer score of 10 or more
– Good Answer: Answer score of 25 or more
– Great Answer: Answer score of 100 or more

One answer will be selected as best and user will get lifetime license of badge extension.
We will always be grateful for all that you have done to help us.

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All badge should be translatable and we should be able to decide which one to use and hide the others. It will be even nicer to be able to create a custom one with our own images.
This is a great idea…

where can i get the badges add on ?


I suggest exactly this:

This badges was thought of for years, tested on really huge userbase, widely successful. Reinventing a wheel would most probably do no good.

To elaborate, badges must be in tiers. This is a gamification. And any gamer know:
grey = trash
white = common
green = uncommon (still worthless)
blue = rare (good enough item)
purple = epic (great item)
orange = legendary (uber mega rare stuff!)

This would allow to easily sort badges by rarity/color, even a stranger who has no idea about AnsPress and it’s badge system would easily understand “wow, that guy has a lot of purple badges, he must be good”.
Stackoverflow done it with bronze-silver-gold.

Then, admin must be able to program his own badges with ease. Your stock badges would just come bundled, but each of them should be changeable just like any new added badge: image, condition, name, slug, description. Can be disabled or deleted if desired.
I believe each badge should have it’s own page with its description and list of people who have it.

Participant’s plate could reflect amount of badges he have, just like stackoverflow plates for each participant.

Admin should also be able to give (and take away) any badge to any user manually.
Gives me freedom to run my community the way I see it.

I agree, most of our badge name will be similar. But we are not using gold, silver and bronze types for badge but an image to identify a badge, so I wish to know everyone’s thought.

Image is a great thing, I totally like it. Around an image there could be color border, or it could have color dot like , something of this nature.

Here is how games do it, you instantly know “wow, this guy is purple, he must be imba”

Main idea is to be able to sort badges by tiers. Just “this person have 135 badges, here they are” is not good enough.
“This person have 10 Epic and 2 Legendary” or like stackoverflow does it “this person has 3 gold badges!”, I see that and instantly respect person. He must have done something really special to earn A Gold Badge.

If member already has 130 badges he wouldn’t bother getting 1 more, 130, 131, what’s the difference. But if that’s a Legendary badge, wow, sure I’ll get it!!
Gamification at it’s finest 🙂

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