Some strings missing in translation files

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I am using Loco Translate Plugin to translate the Askbug theme, Anspress plugin and Anspress Category plugin because not everything is already translated. When I finish everything I will send you the files.

The problem is that I found some strings that cannot be translated. Below you will find a screenshot of some strings. Could you please include these strings in a future update?


You need to translate them in AnsPress not AskBug as they are AnsPress strings.

I cannot find these strings in Anspress. I have traslated more than 100 strings in Anspress plugin but I cannot find the ones in the screenshot.

I think those strings belongs to category extension. You need to translate category extension.

Hello Rahul. I have translated the Category Extension plugin but the strings have not changed.

If you have some time, please check if these strings are in the language files because I am quite sure that they cannot be translated.

Best regards.

Sure I will.