Related Questions Widget – How can I fix the layout ?

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Hi to the team & the community !

I just found out about the related questions widget but it’s displaying in a weird manner when I try to use it :

Is that the way it’s supposed to look ? I’m using a theme with a drag & drop builder and I put the widget at the bottom of the page. I suspect my theme CSS are overriding Anspress widget styles : is there anyway to prevent that ? The screen capture is from a local install so I can’t provide you with a live link.

If I can find a way to display it a bit more nicely, it would allow me to start using Anspress right away on my live site, so any answers or hints are welcome.

Thanks in advance !

Fred 😀


I don’t see this widget in the new Anspress/Askbug configuration.  Will this be added later?  I really liked it.


or incluse ap.css in function.php works for me


Its because anspress stylesheet is not included in all pages. I will fix this issue.

Thanks for the quick answer : ok good to know. 😀 I might try to force the loading of those stylesheets until you fix this. Thanks again !

Working like a charm ! Thanks for the hint ! Gonna do a global recheck and if everything is ok, I’m gonna do the French translation before going live. I’ll submit it on Github when it’s ready. 😀

Yeh sure, simply create anspress folder in active theme (not child theme) then copy functions.php from anspress theme, and then comment line 19 and 78. Done