Any feed back on new Open-wp design ?

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I have updated open-wp design yesterday, I wish to know your feedback.
I am still working on some pages so ignore some incomplete pages.


Navigation menu should appear at the top while scrolling the page.

Thanks, will decide 🙂


Ypu just need to make the responsive to pages

Yeh already working.


Userpage:10 perfect !important;
Userspage : inhirit userpage ;
Pro you outed your self on design
Really nice work

Thanks Shady:)


First impression : it looks great !

Homepage : love it ! very effective and informative ;
Questions page : nice improvements here as well. As always, feels like attention has been paid to details. Search bar is gone though : everything is going through the search icon on top of the page ? No more Ajax loading of answers ?
Ask page : full width layout makes it look a bit weird on a wide screen ;
Categories main page : give a so much better overview than before, great job !
Users listing page : really like it as well. Much better presentation for a faster browsing of the list. I kind of liked the old one as well too though. 😉
Single profile page : even better than before with the full width cover picture.

Thanks for this awesome job !

Fred. Thanks for feedback, already working on the pages you have pointed