Private question and payment

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I would like to build question answer platform where people will ask the questions to admin and admin only can answer to those question.

Can I implement the following functionalities through Anspress:

  1. The question answers will be completely private (the questions might have financial data, so other users should not be able to view question and answers (Only admin and respective user can view the question and answer))
  2. Can i charge payment on basis of per question or pack of questions (E.g. per question Rs 500 or in Rs 10000 user can ask 30 question)
  3. Does Anspress supports any particular payment integration




Hello Kaustubh,

Yes, this can be done. AP do not support any payment integration by default.

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Hi Rahul, Thanks for your inputs. Could you please share some documentation or link which can give me an idea about following:

– How third party payment gateways we need to integrate with Anspress.