Pagination in Category does not work

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Hej Rahul,

AnsPress 4.1.5 – latest from master (2017-12-18)

The pagination in chosen category loads the first page, its works as it should on home page and tags. I have tested this on the demo>Categories>AnsPress. If the second or the first page is picked the same first page is reloaded.

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Just fixed the issue. Please update from master branch. Make sure to flush permalink after updating.

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Thank you. The latest master resolved this issue. However it broke pagination in home page. For e.g., my site is – ``

Base page slug is `discussion`, so the address for the next page in site home should have been – ``, but right now it’s showing `` It works fine, if I use pagination from my discussion page..
Do I need to post a separate question for this? Thanks.

Please create a page for home and set it as static page in WP settings.


@Rahul, I am also facing the same issue… please look into this, as i have lots of complaints about this issue.