Non Logged in User Cannot Answer

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Even with the “non logged in user can ask question and answer” box checked I cannot answer a question when logged out. I can post questions and comments under questions, but not answer. Am I missing something? Thanks!


Hello Dan,

I have installed and activated latest version of AnsPress in your site. Page titles can be edited from pages itself (as I see long title in your site).

For allowing anonymous user to answer a question, you have to follow below steps:

And if you are happy with my support, then 5 star review on will be appreciated. Thanks

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Thanks. Unfortunately, it still isn’t allowing a non logged in user to answer. I double checked that I followed your directions and I even refreshed the cache.

It’s working on my other site fine though.

I see, its a bug. when OP can option is unchecked then answer form does not load even if anonymous can post. Note: make sure to enable recaptcha to prevent spam.

Download this and replace all files of anspress plugin directory.

that did it. Thanks alot! You’ve gone way out of your way for me again. I appreciate that and will be leaving a detailed 5 star rating.

Hello Raul, I hate to say this, I followed your instruction, but I also I’m having same issue. Non loggedin users still cannot post.

Its already fixed in 4.1.0-beta.2

where can I get 4.1.0-beta.2?


I downloaded the zip file for anspress 4.1.0 -beta.1 and it uploaded but would not activate but gave me this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class AP_Activate in /home4/danweese/ on line 19

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Hello Dan, You cannot activate 2 AnsPress plugins at a time. Make sure to remove old one before installing beta version.

Email me your site details again. I will install it for you. Not sure why you you are facing so much issues.

Thanks. I just sent credentials to [email protected]


Hello Dan,

As user access control is already improved in development version so I will not answer this. Consider it as fixed in new version.

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I’m sorry, don’t understand what you mean. Are you saying you are aware this needs fixed and it is being done for the next version? thanks

Its already fixed and you can download from development branch

I believe I have the newest version which is 4.0.5? I downloaded it again from the link on the site though. If you think it will fix my problem I’ll upload it to my site. I don’t know how to replace the plugin with the one I downloaded from this site though. I tried and it says the file already exists and it can’t download again. Do I have to first delete my current version of anspress? If I have to delete it first, how do i go about that without losing my question and answer database? Will my qeustions and answers be saved even if I delete the plugin?

Rahul, sorry, I really am, but this is still bugging me and I haven’t found out how to resolve it. I don’t know how to get the newest version of Anspress on the site. Also, I found out that on one question a non-logged in user can answer, but cannot answer any of the others. Is there anyway I can get you to go into the site once more to fix this for me like you did before? I would gladly pay you for this service if you like.