Anspress issues as of 15-10-2017

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1) Instead of showing “You don’t have permission to vote”

Can i update it as “you need to login to vote”

2) Where can i find recent activity widget or it is removed ?

3) Can you merge anspress and buddypress notifications.

4) Category page alignment is not showing properly i.e their is huge margin b/W each category.

5) Can you help me to allow user to use default visual editor for questions and answers.

6) How do i copy and paste text with formatting. By default it paste as plain Text.

7) Can i integrate user badge system with any plugin ?

8) Can not change category color once created.

Please reply.



  1. Have a look at ap_vote_btn(). You have to add custom JS for click event if user is not logged-in.
  2. Activity feature is removed since 4.x. As this was overloading AnsPress.
  3. AnsPress add its notification to buddypress if active.
  4. You have to adjust it by CSS.
  5. You just have to disable text editor in AnsPress options.
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Thanks for reply By default text editor is disabled But can you tell me how to paste text with formatting or use deafult wordpress visual editor ?


No reply so far ?