Hello everyone

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I tried to install theme + plugin and config all this for more then 10 times / install/unistall wordpress and config it well but I can’t cos i don’t understand why I can’t make it work !

I also today – added one year + to license > so i have this for almost a year and I was not able to put it live as normal.

All documentation provided it’s shit !

If anyone can help me to do this, please I’m tired of tryings and no results.


Did you have problem with theme or plugin or wordpress (or all of them)?

We kindly help you, but every issue need be clearly.


Hello GPL, Its look like you are new to WP. Please feel free to request refund if you are unhappy or please send your site info to our email [email protected] and we will do the installation for you.


I think I got screwed up with this ..

  • support for basic install of the theme/plugin is for money
  • have not a demo to import

Do i really need pay 99 / year for an install ?

edited comment on answer

The plugin is free to download. You can install it on your site for free like any other plugin