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I’ve searched and read a few threads about full width AnsPress Pages, however, for whatever reason the Question Category pages are still not wanting to show full width.
The ‘Archive Page’ (Base Page) is https://woocamp.com/questions/ and of course that page is set to be full width.
Here is the https://prnt.sc/lvul3l  AnsPress ‘Categories Page’ https://woocamp.com/categories/ which is also set to full width.
I saw another thread where you mentioned to make sure that the single question page was set to full width.  So, I did go ahead and double check & yes, that page is set to full width as well. https://woocamp.com/questions/ask/
Actually, every one of the AnsPress pages have the Full Width toggle selected in WPAstra.
What’s odd is that each and every one of the AnsPress pages seems to be accepting the full width page template *EXCEPT* for the pages where we are hoping to segment the users questions into appropriate categories…. like these:
See how none of those pages are full width?
I didn’t see anything else that might be causing issues, but….
Is there a permalink problem that I’m missing?
Is there a Parent Page issue problem that I’ve overlooked?
After double checking the AnsPress Category Add On, did I do something wrong here? https://prnt.sc/lvuogu
I’m just absolutely baffled as to why these individual question category pages continually keep getting a sidebar add to them no matter what I seem to do.
Any ideas?
Thanks for all your hard work Rahul!

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There’s a screenshot of the Github line describing what we’re trying to fix.
Thinking that, perhaps, the option that appears here in the “Category Options” popup of the AnsPress Add Ons page, is intending for the site owner to have a DEDICATED page to output the “Single category page, list questions of a specific category”, I went ahead and created a new page with the slug of `single-ans-press-category`
https://prnt.sc/lwq3ef <— like that
The I put the slug of the newly created DEDICATED page at in the “Category Page Slug” option
https://prnt.sc/lwqa46 <— like that
And, I even made sure that the Astra Theme settings were not including a sidebar.
https://prnt.sc/lwqc2l <— like that
Still, I’m getting nothing but a squished and unusable “Single category page”
Like this https://woocamp.com/categories/woocommerce-theme/
Any ideas at all?

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